Shopping Hacks


What’s your shopping hack?

A whole lot of us love shopping, isn’t it?  Who doesn’t right? Over the years I have mastered and learned many ways of saving while shopping. I love the feeling of being able to buy what I need or want but at the same time saving money as well. Here are a few things I want to share with you:

Never pay a full price for any item you buy- I am always an advocate, why pay for the full price of an item when you can buy it for maybe half the price or even 85% off the original price. The key here is to be patient. Let’s say you went to macy’s and saw this beautiful shoe or dress and you really really like it but they just probably put that item on the floor today or last week so the price is still up there. I would wait a month or 6 weeks and look at the price again, usually clothing, shoes etc. gets discounted as they stay longer on the floor. They would go on clearance and boom! Now they are 50 percent off.  The draw back of course is that by the time you want to buy them, you might not have your size anymore or they go out of stock. Oh well, by then you probably figured out you don’t need it anyway or have moved on to another better pair of pants or found a better deal elsewhere. 

2·  Use online coupon and discounts- Many retail stores roll out coupons and discounts to attract shoppers to shop with them and this is a great way to save money. A great example is JCPenney. Every now and then, they roll out those coupons where you buy worth $25 and get a $10 discount using an online coupon or coupons they send out through your regular mail. That jacket that is worth $25 is now only $15. See, the problem, I have seen many people lined up at the cashier and at times don’t even know about this trick, they pay either at a regular price or no discounts at all. Piece of advice, before you walk in that store, start searching for online coupons that you can show the cashier at check out. The employees of the retail store won’t tell you about this deal until you tell them you have a coupon you would want to apply. I love using  go to their website and check for store coupons before heading out to your favorite store shopping. Sometimes simply googling JCPenney coupons work too. 

3. Use Ebates App for online shopping- This is a no brainer. You can easily get a $10 bonus just for signing up. You can use my link here to get the bonus

The great thing that I love about ebates is that you get a cash back for every purchase you make. When you signup, there is an extension that will be installed in your browser to track your shopping and activate it. For convenience, I downloaded the ebates app on my iPhone and use it to go shopping to just about any store – amazon, macy’s, hollister, etc. you name it…. Once you download the app, you can search for any of your favorite stores to start shopping. It tracks your cash back for you and every quarter they cut you a check for all your cash back. A great example I want to share with you was shopping on the ebates app and going to Groupon. Just a couple of months ago, I have booked our vacation to Greece using the ebates app to go to groupon. I had made $160 cash back just by using ebates. Isn’t that amazing? 

4. Buy early to save moneyI usually buy my Christmas gifts early and do it on black Friday, day after thanksgiving. You already know that retailers put deep discounts for almost everything on black Friday. So instead of waiting to buy your gift, plan ahead and think of what your family members and friends would like to have as their Christmas present and try to buy them when these types of sales come along. You’ll thank yourself later for shopping early and you don't have to rush out that door shopping presents for your loved ones.

5. Lastly, think if you really need it-  I know, I know this seems to be out of place but I just want to point out that sometimes we just buy things by the impulse when you don’t necessarily need it. They key is to buy only what you need and not just because there are huge discounts on items you go impulse buying with ought thinking about it. Sure you might be  at the right moment, but you don’t necessarily have to buy them. My rule, I would sleep on it one night and if I still think about it the following day then I will have to go buy it. Chances are, when you wake up that morning, you wont even think about it or miss the discounted sale of the item you were looking at yesterday. 

Shopping is all about the rush to go get something new and nice and I will admit its fun to go bargain hunting. Just understand that you also have to use your money wisely and not be too materialistic. You do not want to keep buying stuff and keep dumping them in your closet, it’s just a waste of your money and your time.

Remember to spend your money wisely and in the event that you need to go shopping, I hope you incorporate the 5 tips I have listed above. 

So, what’s your shopping hack? Do you want to share how you save money while shopping? Happy Shopping!!!

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