On Saving money- why i dont own a Louis Vuitton


Yep you read that right, I don’t own a Louis Vuitton Bag. So why do I not own one? Needless to say that My husband gave me $2000 to buy me a bag. I am 38 years old now and all of my friends and family probably owns one or a few.Now,you are probably wondering why don’t you just buy it, there’s the $2000 gift Hello!!! Let me tell you a story….

No too long ago about 14 years now when I decided to settle down and get married to my husband. I didn’t have enough money back then. I had $1000 dollars and buying anything was just too hard for me. I was only buying what I needed and never something I wanted.

From an early age, my mother had taught me and my brother to value money and not put it into waste on useless things that don’t even matter in a couple of months, days or so. Although growing up me and my brother were fortunate enough, our parents took us to different places and have experienced many things other kids might not have had the opportunity to do so. We traveled the world. We went to places like Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Singapore and of course my favorite happy place on earth Disneyland United States. My parents once taught us travel,experiences and the world you now see can never be replaced by any amount or value of money .The memories and beautiful scenery, those wonderful experiences they stay with you forever.

So now  lets get back to the topic the Louis Vuitton bag. Now, you are probably thinking, oh so she just wants to use the money to travel instead of buying that bag! Sure I thought about that but the real reason why I am saving the money is to pay off our home. Well you see, at the time I was writing this we are only a couple of thousand dollars away from paying off our home and no more mortgage. Hello Financial freedom. YAY!!! To me there are things that are highly much valuable and more important than buying pieces of things that can only make me happy for a couple of days. I want to go back to the basics way back when I did not have money to spend. What are my needs and my wants? A home is a need. You need shelter as much as you need food. Keeping your priorities straight to get to your goals is very important.

Saving money for a bigger priority is much more fulfilling than spending your money on smaller things. The rewards are great if you wait. I know too many people with flashy nice clothes and nice shoes always seeking for the new trend and having the latest and greatest. I wish I was one of them sometimes but I have changed my way of thinking and that is waiting to reward myself with bigger items. Saving that money so I can afford what I wanted.  I know of people who struggle to pay their bills because they forced themselves to get that nice car they’ve always wanted. You don’t have to be flashy and try to live someone else’s lifestyle just because they have it and you have to have it. I’m just saying.

 Bottom line, save money for what you desire, waiting for a while might get you frustrated but the rewards are greater when you know you can afford that nice shiny car rather than struggling so hard to pay your bills. I hope that i have inspired you to go back to the basics and realize, everything is achievable in time. 

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Do you own one?

Why do you have a Louis Vuitton, everyone has it?  Do you think of it as a investment or luxury and why? Drop me a message