Internet of things your home



(IOT) Internet of things your home

Is your home smart yet? Have you ever thought of upgrading your home appliances to the latest and greatest technology? If you are one of those individuals, read up as you have reached the right place. 

As a tech veteran who have been in the IT industry for more than 12 years, I want to share with you my takes on technology for your home in this age of convenience. 

There are many ways out there to smart proof your home and make it so convenient to do many things through the latest technology. I have personally adopted a few of them as they are cool but also needless to say very convenient. So, with ought further ado, here we go.

1. Security cameras- gone are those days when you have to sign up for a home security company such as ADT to monitor burglars or put cameras for your home. Nowadays they are so easy to install by yourself. My personal favorite and which I do have at my home is the Arlo security camera from netgear. You can buy them at Costco and for the price range of $499 for 3 cameras they are a steal. I would rather pay for that price rather than paying a security company $20 month, plus I can monitor them by myself. So to install them, All you have to do is connect the base to your router, download the Arlo app on your smart phone and follow the instructions. You will be up and running in 15 to 30 mins depending on how you customize your camera’s settings. 

2. Smart Thermostat- this is a no brainer, if you are a PG&E customer and do not have solar panels start by calling PG&E now, they are currently working with a 3rd party vendor to replace your old thermostat to a smart thermostat, they will even check your AC to make sure they are up to standards and working properly for you. The program is called energy fitness and you can call them directly at 1-866-455-0898. The best part about this is, it is FREE! Yes, it is free!!! You get to have 2 choices between 2 thermostats namely Ecobee and Nest. I have personally selected to have ecobee installed as it has a better warranty and I love the idea that I can ask Siri to turn on or off my A/C. How cool is that?  If you have amazon Alexa however, you might want to go with the nest as it integrates with Alexa. 

3. Smart Door locks- this I have yet to shop for and find a great door lock that will integrate with my home’s IOT. There are a whole lot of smart door locks ranging from $150 to $279+ depending on the features you are looking for. I suggest to look at what you currently have at home see which smart door locks integrate better with what you already have. For example, if you have apple home kit -the Schlage sense smart deadbolt would be best. And if you for instance have Amazon Alexa then I suggest going with august smart lock, although this product can also be integrated with your apple home kit. 

4. Smoke Detector- this I have yet to shop for and have not really decided whether to replace my current smoke detector or not. Although, when the time comes and I do have a budget for it, it is a good idea to buy a smart smoke/carbon monoxide detector. My reason for this is safety. It’s great to know when you get alerted for smoke, carbon monoxide or even fire in your home., after all, I have my dogs at home all day and I want the best for them. Just like your security camera or your smart thermostat, they are a great way to warn you about whats really going on at home while you are away. Again, there are various products out there that you can integrate with what you already have at home. A very popular smoke detector that integrates with Alexa is the Nest Protect which you can buy at $119 apiece.  When shopping for smart technology always compare the products features, warranty, ease of use and what works best for your home. Eventually, I will have to pick up one of these smart smoke detectors and of course I will update my blog to let you know what I have decided to install at my home. 

5. Smart Refrigerators – Okay let’s be realistic on this, I am not replacing my old refrigerator with a smart fridge until it actually breaks down. The one I have now serves me well and still is in great shape. I do not need to spend more money just to have the latest and greatest. Eventually when the time comes and my old fridge breaks down then I will buy a smart refrigerator. One day we were in home depot and I can tell you, I was quite impressed with the many selections of smart refrigerators out there ranging from $4000+ to almost $10000+. I love the cool idea of your fridge letting you know when you are almost running out of milk or ran out of milk. That big screen in front reminding you when you need to go visit the grocery or lets you shop online for your groceries, that is simply amazing. It saves you so much time so you can do more productive things in your workday. Imagine, you can also watch your favorite shows in Netflix and or check your Facebook status while you are cooking in the kitchen. What a life!

Technology has truly brought us to the age where we are encouraged to multi task and do things efficiently and effectively. 

There are many other technologies out there that are being recently developed. I have not even covered and talked about smart toilets and showers and how they will save you money considering they are energy efficient. Don’t forget smart lightbulbs too, but this I can for go with a traditional lightbulb for now. I don’t mind getting up and turning on the on and off switch. My apple watch wants me to stand up anyway to complete my 12 stands in a day. So who cares really. 

Overall, it is your ultimate decision whether or not to smart proof your home now or in the future. Just be smart to pick the right technology and remember don’t start replacing things just because they look cool, consider your budget and what really works for you. 

What have you done to your home lately? Drop me a message. 

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Internet of things your home