Home buying Do's and Don'ts

If you are one of the many few who have made the big decision to buy your first home, Congratulations! 

You just made a big step towards earning equity and building wealth overtime.

There are a few guidelines I would like to share if you are in the process of buying your home. 

Let’s begin with the Do’s

1. Do make sure you save more money while you are in the escrow process. This will give you enough cash to help towards your closing cost or perhaps use the money later for some home renovations you may want to do after you bought the home. 

2. Do get back to your Real Estate Agent, your lender and or the escrow company if they ask you to sign or complete paper works. It is very important that you send any documentation requested from you on a timely manner.

3. Do pay your bills on time and protect your credit score

4. Do keep your job and refrain from changing jobs. Mortgage companies continually check your employment status up until you are about to close the deal.

Now for the Don’ts

1. Do not make any big purchases such as new furniture’s, new cars etc. This may affect your credit score and impact your ability to buy the home. Keep in mind that the lenders have pre-approved you for the loan considering your current financial standing and situation. 

2. Do not make any large cash deposits before checking in with your loan originator, this is a red flag and at times they do question where the money come from.

3. Do not open any new credit cards or new line of credit and most importantly do not co-sign for a loan for anyone. 

4. Do not lend money to family and friends while buying a home, you will need all your cash for your new home.

If you are located in California and specifically looking for a new home around the area of Pittsburg, Antioch, Brentwood, Walnut creek, Concord and Martinez, feel free to contact me at 925-490-2555. I will be happy to assist you in finding your dream home. I am a real estate agent that specialize in this area. I call the east bay home for many years now and I am very knowledgeable and specialize in this market.

I hope this simple tip would help you go through the hurdles of owning your first home. Good Luck!


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