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Hello everyone, my name is Sigrid and welcome to my blog post. Not so long ago i had a vision just like you or maybe not so. I had this lingering question in my mind. How the heck can i play with my dogs all day and absolutely do nothing but also not worry about my finances? Hahaha and now i am laughing or maybe day dreaming.  So... it dawned to me if i pay off all my debt then i can be free. 

Free you say? Freedom however has a price and a puzzle to solve or a mystery that is so complicated but yet achievable and so i thought. But to most of us commoners who make just enough money to survive and pay the bills, how do you save money? The answer, Discipline. Lots of discipline and motivation to achieve your goal to be debt free. 

So as part of my commitment to share my past experiences i am hoping that you will be able to apply these basic rules i have learned throughout my journey to becoming debt free

1.  Know how much money is coming in your paycheck and how much are your monthly expenses. Simple math: Income-expenses= savings if this is a positive number. 

2. Don't Live beyond your means- don't buy something just because you want to be fancy like your friends or your neighbor

3. Plan ahead and think of the future, if i buy this car today, how long will i use it for? 

4. Set aside 6-12 months emergency money. Always remember, life is not always cut out to be. So that extra money you were thinking of using to go on a lavish vacation or drinking spree with your friends, think again what if you get sick, do you have money to pay for emergencies? 

No matter how small or big you can set aside every month, a $20, $30 or maybe $100 always means something. What counts is that you are doing something great for yourself and your future. It eventually adds up you know. Just know a lot of people have done it and succeeded, i am sure you can do it too.Financial freedom is happiness. More power to you!

If you have any suggestions, comments on how to improve your finances or would like to share your story email me at