Travel to Europe on a budget


London, Paris and Rome


Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world and see the most beautiful places you can ever imagine? I did! 

It was not too long ago when I could not afford traveling. At least that’s what I thought until I was on a quest to save money for travel and realized you can travel on a budget and here’s how I have done it. 

Goal: 10-day trip to see my top 3 bucket list countries (London, Paris and Rome)

1. First, Identify the places you would like to visit. Look around on the internet to get some feel of how much a 10-day trip to 3 countries cost. I scoured many famous websites like Expedia, Priceline and even individual travel agencies. 

2. Research the best times to go to Europe at a cheap price.I can tell you that the best time to go is during the shoulder months where there are not too many visitors. Months of October and November and If you don’t mind the cold weather, it is even cheaper to go on winter. 

3. Check out discounted sites like Groupon. This is where I found the amazing travel agency Go-today. You can check them out at Since they did not have departures leaving my city on the package, I called them up to get a quote. I even signed up in their website to get a coupon code for $100/person which they gladly applied to the quote they gave me. So, bam! I am off to a great start.

4. Book your trip at least 3 to 6 months in advance to take advantage of cheap flights and in my case, I booked our trip May of last year to travel in November.

5.  Plan what activities you would like to do while you are in the Area. Our goal was to see the landmarks of London such as Buckingham palace, the big ben etc. I found that the most practical and cheapest option to see everything would be to go with hop on hop off tour buses. They take you to every tourist destination and while on the bus they narrate the history of the places too, very informative. I can tell you that we saw everything in just a day and the package even included a short river cruise to the London eye. Amazing!

6. For Airport transfers in between destinations, we have bundled the transfers with our package which I found cheaper than booking it on your own. Although, you can also check out cities that run Uber, they can be cheaper too. 

7. Bonus: This last tip is really not for everyone but it can cut your cost down when traveling. If you are disciplined and have a great credit score- Apply for new travel rewards credit card to avail of the bonus points. I have applied for the bank of America travel rewards card which offered me 20,000 bonus points or the equivalent of $200. I used this credit card to pay for our travel expenses. There are no annual fees and 0%apr for the first year plus I did not have to buy travel insurance as the card offers it as part of their services. 

Bottom line, there are many ways to save and cut cost when travelling. Do your research and be flexible with the time and months you visit your destinations. Plan ahead, apply for a new credit card, it’s a no brainer to save money. 

I hope this helps you to plan your next getaway vacation. I am sharing some awesome travel photos with you from our trip to inspire you and start saving for your dream trip. Enjoy!

If you have any suggestions, comments on how to improve your finances or would like to share your story email me at

Photos from our trip

The London Eye

The London Eye


London Museum


Paris Eiffel Tower


Louvre Pyramid Paris


Colosseum, Rome


Vatican City, Rome