Trip to Bahamas and swimming with the pigs vacation

I love the beach! I love swimming with the pigs! I love dipping my toes in the sand, its just an amazing feeling! 

Last April, my husband and I visited the Bahamas for a week. It was a very memorable vacation but it was quite expensive. We stayed at the Royal Towers Atlantis Bahamas. The hotel was lovely and they have a lot of activities to offer. The highlight of our trip was swimming with the pigs in exuma.  It is a one of a kind experience that I will never forget. 

As always, we try to save money where we can when we go on vacation. I would like to share with you some of the tricks I have done to make our vacation a bit more affordable. 

1. On buying airfare and hotel- It is always cheaper to bundle them together and shop around 3rd party sites such as expedia, priceline, and most importantly in the hotel website. You will find the prices and packages differ from each other. So, make sure to compare them and pick what works best for you.

2. Sign up on hotel website for discounts and promotions- Staying at the Atlantis is very pricey, however once in a while they run promotions where you can save up to $300 resort credit and a free lunch on your stay. This had tremendously helped us. When we booked, we were able to take advantage of the resort credit and used it towards our breakfast. It cost us $75 per meal for 2 people just for breakfast, can you believe it? So, make sure you take advantage of this types of promotions as food is not cheap in there. 

3. On Food and drinks- My husband and I brought 2 bottles of patron tequila with us along with snacks, a rice cooker and some canned foods. This had cut down our expenses on eating out and saved us a lot of money. I have also ordered some water, bread and soda’s online on the website  and had it delivered to our room. It was way cheaper than buying it from the hotel. Remember, you do not want to go shopping and running around doing groceries on your vacation. So, its perfect and ideal to just order online prior to arriving in your hotel and have it delivered there. 

4. On activities- Atlantis is such a great big resort with so many free activities you can do on your own withought spending a whole lot. We brought our own snorkeling gear and snorkeled by the water front of the resort. There are a lot of fishes to see. We paid the extra $25 baggage fee to bring our gear and bring some food as it was cheaper rather than buying or renting it from there. Make sure to check on Atlantis daily list of activities so you don’t miss the good stuff.

5. Swimming with the pigs- this is a very expensive activity but in no way will it ever replace the experience. We went with a tour operator called hidden beaches. The price for 2 was $798.00 and this was about $50 cheaper as we have called them to book it rather than booking it online. There are a few other tour operators running cheaper at $250 per person which is half the price we have paid for. The difference, they do not go to staniel cay where the true pigs live, they go to another island which is a bit closer to Bahamas with only 8 pigs. So, this is not the real island they call the pig beach. That’s the difference. They also have a different set of activity compared to hidden beaches. 

Hidden beaches will also not just take you to see the swimming pigs, but you will get to see the rare pink iguanas and you get to swim with the sharks as well. That was a wonderful bonus to the trip.

Bottom line, if you go make sure you do your research and know which one you are heading to. 

Overall, it was quite a very memorable and wonderful experience. Travel is expensive but there are many ways to cut down on expenses and save a little bit and enjoy what life has to offer. Remember, research and plan before you go. 

I hope this helps you tremendously in planning your vacation to paradise. 

I am sharing our amazing photos from our trip down below and some videos in you tube so make sure to check them out. 

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The Royal Towers Atlantis

The Royal Towers

The Marina


Pig swim


Staniel Cay/ Pig Beach


Hotel Lobby


The beach