About Me



Hello Everyone, 

Welcome to my page. My name is Sigrid, you may also call me "ziggy".I have recently created this page to share my passion about finances, real estate, travel, technology and more. 



I am excited to share my past personal experiences on: 

1. How to travel on a budget (Travel)

2. Buying your first home (Real Estate)

3. Improving your finances (Finance)

4. Common Technology questions (Technology)

5. Project management 101


Insights and Opinions

My mission is to educate and impart  to the world of the many beautiful things in life and help others succeed like i did and empower everyone that anything is possible in this world. 

About me:  By profession i am a seasoned IT project manager 

with PMP credentials  2088827 and a real estate agent DRE# 02062615 

Century 21 MM www.C21mm.com